Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In the news::

We are still visiting family abroad, and apparently it is the right time to be away.
It's quite sad really. My heart goes out to the protester's family, and to all the people who got injured.

I really hope the authorities don't fuel an already existing tension and let them build their house of worship, for goodness sake!

(a favorite newly built church in one of Egypt's new suburbs)

::Also in the news. What's up Kuwait? Boy am I glad I don't live there right now. Egypt it is.

That's it, I usually avoid the news, and avoid discussing serious topics (Especially politics) on this space, but today, it had to come out.

It is indeed a mad world my friends.

Here's my mad news for today, we are not having a thanksgiving dinner this year. But, but we are wishing everyone a very fulfilling/happy/delicious thanksgiving dinner and all the jazz that goes around it.



Stephanie said...

Thanks for posting. I'm posting something about the situation in Egypt as well.

Muslim Hippie said...

Yes, when it comes to our injustices we are completely blind.
May Allah guide us and show us the right way.


Andrea said...

Such a beautiful part of the world, but always so turbulent. Thanks for the mad world link, i've never seen it. Beautiful.

Subul said...

We attempted a Thanksgiving dinner for the first time this year! And missed you guys! Rahma and Maria were kind enough to join us. Miss you guys a lot, thanks for posting and keeping us posted. Umm Ahmad asks about you all the time too. (: