Thursday, September 17, 2009

Photo of the day::

I'm home again! and since it's two AM right now, and I just put our youngest member of the family to sleep. I am sharing a photo of the day--more about everything later.

Remember the Toronto massive twister storm?I guess the saying is true. We were soothed by the biggest rainbow arch I have ever seen right after the storm's rage settled-- It spread from the water horizon to, as far as your eyes could take you. This time I remembered to take a picture with my phone. The quality is not great, but really- nothing could have captured the magic of the moment. This is merely to give you a glimpse of the beauty.

In Islam, God has ninety nine names. They're split into two categories-- Asmaa al jalal ( names of power) and asmaa al jamal ( names of beauty). That day I probably experienced at least a dozen- yet two names struck me most-- Al Qaweyy ( The all powerful)-- Al Jameel ( the all beautiful).


O if you enlarge the photo you'll notice some spots from the window. We had a lot of little people to take care of... cleanliness was definitely not a priority (Ahem.)


Sarah said...

Beautiful photo, I'm sure it doesn't do the rainbow justice.

Welcome back.

kate said...

Wow. Beauty in image, beauty in words. The combination of both in holiness. That's some good stuff, my friend. Welcome Back!

Robyn said...


Yasmine said...

beautiful words and photo. good to have you back, I better watch my phone!!