Monday, September 28, 2009

C'mon Fall

Do you smell it? ...maybe you still don't smell it-- the leaves are falling, but they haven't accumulated enough to rot, and give you that fall-y musty smell. But you see it- don't you... creeping up on us. The days shriveling and the nights stretching. The trees changing-- giving us a final spectacle of color before they shed their leaves and stand shamelessly naked. Flashing their dark trunks and branches against their pale background.

I have to say Fall is definitely my favorite season. I like to call it the Hijab (headscarf) friendly season. Not too cold for over-bundling; yet cool enough to actually enjoy covering one's self.

I don't know which part of the globe you're at right now. I don't know if fall has caught up on you or is still being shy and playing hard to get. No worries-- every thing has it's weak spot. And fall's weak spot is, time... Just give it time. Even if its a mild fall at your end, you can still rejoice it's arrival. Because this means that it will no longer be hot and sticky-- It means you get to stay in a little bit longer. Eat hot meals and re-connect with loved ones.

If you happen to experience a full parade of seasons like at our end. Then you'll be familiar with some of the activities and spectacles we're having right now.

Today, our family celebrated the arrival of the season without even knowing-- my subconscious mind decided and I followed-- I realized by the end of the day, that today has been the perfect autumn day for me and the girls ( I'm assuming) so far. I've been meaning to do something special for the Autumnal Equinox (Which was 6 days ago in-case you're wondering.) but first: found out too late when it was, and second: was still in the Eid celebration zone.

Today though, the temperature was hovering around sixty, and the sun was hiding behind some promising clouds that never fulfilled their promise. The wind on the other hand fulfilled what the clouds failed to achieve, it swooshed and howled and made the trees dance and swirl.

We too danced and swirled at the end of the day on some Lisa Hanningan tunes. We made sure to wear our swirly skirts( over our pj's) and ran off all that sugar from the pumpkin pie that we had for dinner ( didn't I tell you we celebrated here!) The house boomed with laughter and the scent of the spicy air flirted with our noses, swirling around us as we swirled around our kitchen island.

We celebrated-- a day spent outdoors, collecting red maple leaves-- completed art projects and hung them in-front of our windows for display. We baked in the morning,

baked in the afternoon and did some more before evening set in.

Hope this season finds you well, wherever you are:)



Robyn said...


Another Anna said...

What a wonderful writer you are! I've been forgetting to slow down and appreciate the season. Thanks for the reminder!

Sarah said...

I'm just dying for a slice of your pumpkin pie just this second... with whipped cream.

I'm loving the fallen apples photograph... but they look really sad. Isn't it depressing how some countries have a surplus of food while others would pick apples like these off the ground and eat them...

Muslim Hippie said...

Sarah- I agree... These apples are called crab apples, they're tiny and don't have much flesh on them but would do wonders in an apple/rhubarb crumble.