Thursday, September 24, 2009

odds and ends

I am posting just to break the silence. I've been trying to blog for the past couple of days and... nothing. Even though I have all these stories to tell you, my computer is finally up and running, and I've been insomniac for two nights in a row. Yet still- I sit in front of the screen and stare and stare.

So just to break the "bad mojo"- I decided to post something. I still can't bring myself to write about something worth the while-- like my sister's lovely birth story, her sweet new baby ( whom I cut the cord for by-the-way!!). I am sharing some odds and ends, and maybe I'll feel it again. Who knows...

Stuff to watch or avoid watching (your call)::

So "Glee" is supposedly really big now... really? I mean, I've been trying to give it a chance, but seriously who watches this show? or why? I guess if you're into "MAMA MIA" then it should work out for you. I gave it a couple of chances 'cause one of my all time favorite bloggers loves it. But I guess this one is a miss for me.

And since we're talking TV: I just finished watching the pilot for "Modern family" and I laughed out loud in several scenes. I really liked it. I guess the documentary/ interview format got popular since the office. So it has that.

Here's something for you to spare 45 minutes and watch-- a little political for this space. But her majesty Queen Rania really struck not-one-but-several-chords in her recent Yale speech. Do check it out!

FYI: we don't have a TV, so Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube are currently our little vents or fix. Whatever you wish to call it.

Here's a little
alarming something for all us mommies. Especially with flu season arriving and all. ( thank you D for sharing the link.) Do check your medicine cabinet. ( the article does state not to be alarmed by the way... Just better safe than sorry I suppose)

So not to leave you with the freaky above link here's a little something in the spirit of Eid...
This is what the Muslims in Egypt chant while walking to the Mosque for Eid prayer-- Imagine thousands chanting this melodic prayer at the same breath. Breath-taking.

Here's it's performed by a famous Nubian Egyptian singer:

A belated happy Eid to all you who celebrate it.


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