Sunday, September 27, 2009

Photo of the day:: Old timey

We were invited yesterday, to our Bosnian friends Aqiqa party ( an Islamic traditional party, for a new born, where the parents pick a healthy animal and slaughter, and cook it, and share it with friends, family and the needy) in a beautiful laid back Chicago suburb called Gray's lake. The trip was about an hour drive from our place-- totally worth it.

The beautiful house where the party took place at, is anchored on a slight hill right by the lake. Overlooking a small slanted downhill yard, equipped with nice wooden swings, ladders and a giant, but thankfully screened trampoline ( you don't want to jump right into that muddy lake).

The whole ambiance felt like a scene from a forgotten Era. Complete with old eastern European( I'm assuming) table linens. And french country style furniture and wall hangings.

All three generations share this lovely place, which is something not very common in this day and age.

We all had a fantastic time, even though I pushed myself a little too hard and now my nose needs rubber plugs to stop the drainage! ( If you didn't decipher that, I was trying to say I have a cold and my nose is runny beyond comprehension)

We also came out with a new food experience::

It is official now-- my hubby's new favorite food comes from the Bosnian kitchen. So if you happen to be a Bosnian or know of nice Bosnian cook books, please direct me there.

My favorite conversation of the day was::

Bosnian hostess: "So which one is your husband, again?"

Me: " The only white Guy out there"

Bosnian hostess: " Oh, the one that keeps on saying how much he loves Bosnian food!"

Me: " Smiling"

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, and finding some good food ( hopefully Bosnian) and good company, a long your way.


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