Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a week in photos

:: Bringing home from school (yes!) real size cut-outs of a certain someone with all the important organs glued in place. Which has lead to new curiosities that entail reading fifth grade science books at bedtime, about the human body (HELP!)

:: Spring time teasing weather, with sleeveless dresses and sandboxes. Snow, freezing rain, and hail today. Welcome to the Midwest!

:: Dodging road work. Another important spring landmark in our neck of the woods.. I liked seeing horizontal fire hydrants. Makes you appreciate the vertical ones even more.

:: Breakfast, a la Amelie style.

:: Bat festival attendance, check!

:: Our first Mexican birthday party. Complete with pinata and ceiling covered balloons. Mei, was especially excited. I see pinata birthdays in our future.

:: Almost forgot the last photo. Moroccan Fish Tajine. Fantabulous! 



little moments said...

oh the secret of the fish tajine...will you share?

Muslim Hippie said...