Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ten things I am loving about Madison/WI right now!

If you haven't noticed, I am currently in a love-y-dove-y mood towards America, I thought I'd dedicate one more for the place that embraced me and my family after evacuating my own country. Here's to Madison (and most importantly my in-laws. thank you!)

1. The people. Friendly, brave, generous, peaceful, and just wonderful. A big holler at all you Madisonians and Wisconsinites out here!

2. The (new and improved) Children's Museum in Madison.

3. The Sundance Theater (the only one in the country!) Just watched Jane Eyre there and loved it!

4. The capitol square and building. Has become a symbol of so many things for me and for everyone here.

5. The amazing hiking, camping and nature preserves and paths here. Just wonderful.

6. State street-- a wonderful place for window shopping. (or real shopping for that matter)

7. The bike friendly streets all over the city.

8. Henry Villa's Zoo. Small yet well designed.

9. The Campus Mosque. Very small with a very warm, non-imposing, laid back congregation.

10. All the wonderful parks and playgrounds for the kids. A true family friendly city. Also the safety plays a BIG factor.



Anonymous said...

I would add the weather. I love it!

Muslim Hippie said...

Oh yes! I love how all the four seasons are pronounced. Minus the mosquitos and weird crawlers the lushes environment provides.