Sunday, April 10, 2011

Right now!

What temperatures do to our lives is truly amazing.

Today, we got a taste of summer, complete with bugs, dirt, watermelon! sweat, and all that jazz... I am grateful. (Above eighty degrees no kidding!)

Two days ago, we were all rocking heavy winter coats-- that make strapping little ones in car seats an accomplishment that suffices 'a good pat on the back' job well done. I kept hearing myself say "release your shoulders Nermine, take a deep breath" and If I forgot, I have a four year old who will make a goldfish remember, whatever it is that a goldfish may need to remember! "Take a deep breath mommy, that's it, that's it..."

So right now, I am grateful for::

Driving with the windows rolled down, and watching my little one catch the wind with her tiny palms.

Little windows in time that allow a mama to sit and play with LR3-- you'll see the fruits of such windows in a moment! 

Nature walks that involve bird calling, woodpecker spotting, and two little red faces, oh yes!

Libraries, Playgrounds, Crocuses, and Piggy (in our case Ellie) Banks (they make chores a breeze!)


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