Saturday, April 2, 2011

from the archives :: ten things revisted

Ten things I love about America-- revisited:

1. Libraries (oh how I love thee)

2. Sidewalks-- always a plus. And traffic rules

3. Root beer floats, rhubarb, farmers markets, and CSA's. Yum!

4. Summer festivals, blankets on grass, and lightning bugs.

5. Camping, hiking, nature. Maps and signs for all three.

6. Whole foods, npr, netflix, hulu, and the postal system.

7. Diversity.

8. My in-laws! A big holler at you guys (all {meaning ALL, yes including spouses and cousins and brothers...etc} of you. I love you guys)

9. Thrift shops, garage sales, urban outfitters.

10. The art institute of Chicago.


oh I forgot to mention a very important one...11. freedom of speech.