Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fanoos Ramadan

Ramamadaaaaan, Ramamadaaaaaaan. Sing this with a deep melodic almost opera like voice, and you'll have an idea of our two lined cool Ramadan song.

My little one got her Ramadan lantern this year from some cool ghetto place under some bridge in Egypt. The lantern is fuchsia, comes with two buttons. One makes thunderstorm sounds(don't ask for the logic behind this) and the second button makes the Fanoos glow like a disco dance floor. How awesome is that! a very special thanks to a very special friend who picked it up on her last day of her trip to Egypt:)
My little girl holds it and says "Fanoos Daaan, Fanoos Daan. Look at dat!".

It's fun to have a Ramadan Tradition for the kids, Next year I might go all out and make the small colored flags that are hung between alleys in Egypt. Americans will probably confuse them with Buddhist prayer flags. We'll see what happens then.

For now just keep us in your prayers.

Ramadan Kareem

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Yasmine said...

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