Monday, September 15, 2008


The weather has been quite chilly for the past couple of days, and tonight is supposed to go down to 45 degrees. Fall crept in on us so fast.
We just got a new crib and a new heavy cover for the little one and she's all bundled up in it right now, talk about good timing.

Fall is my heavy pregnancy season it seems like, I was about 7 months with My first and I am 8 months with this one.
The result, Lots of pasta for dinner/iftar, and a whole lot of sleeping when I get a chance.

I am sprouting some more beans for soup, and thinking about a hearty meal for tomorrows Iftar. Mashed potatoes, steamed dark greens and roasted chicken? Maybe If I still have energy after my very early Yoga class. I do like hearty meals for cold weather though, we'll see.

Please Keep this heavy pregnant woman in your prayers this month, I really do need it.

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