Saturday, May 3, 2008

My aunt the Palm tree

I know I promised to post a book summary this week, But the first chapter has a lot of juicy information that it's hard to leave stuff out, if I do I would distort the big picture, so I am taking my time with that.

Meanwhile I am sharing our latest exciting news.
We are moving to ( censored due to Husband's request) by June 1st( let me take a breath) to this vintage nicely renovated coach house, with a tiny everything, but a very cozy, peaceful energy, and what it seems like a sweet enthusiastic landlord, whose also our neighbor (always a plus). and release breath:) I am very excited.

Also this week we decided to join a CSA (community supported agriculture) which is a great way to get fresh, local organic farm produce among other stuff. I was inspired by this very special blogger. So we'll try it out and let you guys know.

The thing that I do know is it's really environmentally friendly and there's always a benefit to be connected with your food, knowing who grows your food, the farmers involved and going to events on coop farms on your CSA is a great way to connect back to earth. I am looking forward to this nice summer with all the fresh produce and most of all, having my little one play out in the sun, and experience our sacred earth. A friend of my husband told me this hadith"(prophetic saying) which I am not sure how it goes exactly but something along the lines of take care of your aunt the palm tree. We're all family after all.

(Btw, for curious ones, the top pic was taken on our Siwa oasis vacation in Egypt, oh how I loved it)


lauren said...

Hooray, I am glad you got a CSA! They are so fun. It is fun to have an external challenge for cooking new things -- you get some things in your delivery and you have to find a delicious way to eat them! It has made me learn new recipes for sure.

I hope you post about what you get in the box and what you cook from it!

Muslim Hippie said...

thank you Lauren I am very excited, they also sent recipes for the weird produce that I don't know. I'll be posting what we get in the basket maybe even take pictures. On a similar note, I am very excited about your farm you guys. You're doing a great job:)