Wednesday, May 21, 2008

10 things I love about America

My next post for the book summary is coming up soon inshaAllah.
But today I am feeling a little bit down, so here's what I am doing to lift my mood up a little, I am listing 10 things I love about America.

1. Farmer's markets

2. Thrift stores

3. The Madison birth center

4. American's who speak English with a thicker accent than I do( a nation of immigrants). I actually remember this cool story. about 4 years ago I was visiting my husbands family before I moved here, and I was buying a sandwich from a food stand , the sales guy asked me for something I didn't quite get, I made him repeat himself about three times until he finally rolled his eyes at me and whispered to himself "stoopeed fooreignooor". It's true I am the foreigner, that spoke better English than he did. But he was the American so, he won:)

5. Online shopping.

6. Recycling

7. Netflix ( we currently don't have it and I am trying to convince the husband to renew our membership, any suggestions?)

8. Museums

9. Sidewalks( we don't have them in Egypt)

10. The 4 Seasons ( same as the above)

Wow I think there are more things I can think of, but I'll leave you with these for now.

If interested, you too can join. List from 5 to 10 things you like about America, either if you're an American or like me, A Stoopeed fooreignoor:)

Btw, this actually worked I feel a lot better.


Another Anna said...

After I read your post yesterday, I was trying to think of things. It's hard when you've always lived here, and everything seems "normal." So my list is very yesterday-specific!

1. The sweet old guy who bags groceries at the store who gives me a hard time if my cloth bags don't have the little loops on them.

2. People who call into radio shows with their crazy/fascinating points of view.

3. The Mystery Neighbor who rearranges the little sculptures in our front yard.

4. The fact we can leave little sculptures in our front yard and they don't all get taken.

5. The six siblings (ages 2-9) two blocks away who take running a lemonade stand very seriously.

Concerned Citizen said...

The thing I love most about America is that I usually have some idea of whats going on. And if I don't understand something, it's easy for me to ask and figure it out.

Another big thing about America is that people usually obey traffic laws or at least traffic norms.

Oh yeah, I love the natural beauty of America.

Muslim Hippie said...

Thank you Anna and Concerned for sharing. I just realized I forgot the most amazing thing I love about America , how could I forget to put it on my list. I love squirrels.