Thursday, May 29, 2008


No book Summary yet. We packed most of our books including the Vaccination book, and things are a little crazy right now for a book summary.

The good news is I got some interest from a Blogger who wants to write something for my blog. The not so good news is I am still figuring out how to change my password so I can start giving out a new password for guest bloggers, If anyone knows how to do it please let me know, I am not so good with this stuff!

On a different note here's a little story of how I wake up every morning:

I open my eyes to a small face with a giant smile saying hi with a wave, then darkness.
A couple of seconds later.. another Hi with a big smile and the same wave, more darkness.. then the distinct word that I hear so many times through out the day "Bok..Bok" then a cardboard book is shoved in my face, and the small body next to me starts adjusting herself in a proper sitting position and waits impatiently.
With a big yawn I take the book and start lifting my head and shoulders enough trying to make up the blurry letters on the "bok". My cracked voice reads:" Panda bear, Panda bear what do you see?" Then I read the book again, and again, and...well by then I'm pretty awake:)

( There are some variations to my story, either reading a different book, or getting poked in the eye when I am more stubborn in waking up than usual).

Have a good morning everyone:)

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