Friday, January 23, 2009

I am loving:

The little one's sleeping noises and how she holds on to my shirt/hand/hair..whatever comes her way and whenever she gets a chance.

Her big sister's early morning wake up talk which goes something like this " Mama's coming right now! 'ayza (I want) ice cream, come out to play. In this order

How I for my first time in life finished a knitting project.

My sewing class.

My Daughter's new mobile from this awesome Etsy shop

My to be picked up vintage Singer sewing machine and all the possibilities that will come along with it.

My baby sitter

Obama, Obama, Obama. A breath of fresh air. (I know he's still a politician, but I truly want to believe, so let me dream on)

Night time reading of" boy" by Roald Dahl. Read by the bestess boy in my life.

The Evanston public library, a great place all year round but especially in winter!

This book, this blog, and this song( warning: a tear jerker for anyone away from home)

what are you loving right now?

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Yasmine said...

I'm so proud of my hippie friend:)