Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ten things I am loving right now!

Here's my cheering me up plus grateful for things in my life post, I am suspecting it wont be the last this winter, winters are hard here, so I need to remind myself more in this chilly season.

Here goes nothing:

1. Holding my new love, smelling her hair, skin, and listening to her little cute squeaky noises. And oh did I mention she started giving me those very cute toothless smiles about three days ago.. a total bliss:)

2. Listening to "This American life" on the i pod at bedtime.

3. Reading these books when my 7 week old has one of her many," mommy I'm up for the night" nights.

4. Looking at our lovely winter wreath hung in our living room door (nontraditional I know!)

5. Dancing with my two year old before her bedtime.

6. Etsy's hand made goodness(I like to support small businesses, they're greener and have so much baraka; good energy)

7. Looking forward to my hubby's winter break and Oh all the things we'll be doing, inshaAllah!

8. This blog entry, and how it inspired me.

9. My seal skins khuf. How can any Muslim live without a pair in winter?!

10. Chocolate chip cookies, my unfortunate addiction!

So feel free to share 10 or 5 or less, things you're loving right now, spread the good energy, it helps people like me:)


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Taliba said...

Ah, don't we all love sharing what we love! :)

This winter I love:

1) Music, like:
(remember these words??)

2) Chai, every day, lots of it.

3) Christmas lights woven around the gate to our building.

4) Little booties in white white snow, before it turns to ice.

5) Huddling under the covers and read, read, read (I'm a nerd after all and every holiday is an opportunity to study more :)

Nighty green fairy ;-)