Monday, November 10, 2008

This lawn is your lawn

Both my munchkins are sleeping, which should give me time to clean, organize, or rest. Instead, I stayed up reading news and surfing blogs, so I came across this neat video and thought to share.

This Lawn is Your Lawn from roger doiron on Vimeo.


lauren said...

Hey, thanks for posting this. I'm sort of following the Eat The View thing and the results of the Michael Pollan article (did you read it?) but I hadn't seen this video though. Obviously I am a huge supporter! :)

Do you have room for a garden at your new house? You should post about garden plans if so!

Muslim Hippie said...

Unfortunately I don't have room, and the weather at the moment only allows for indoor herbs. I read several articles by Michael Pollan, I am a fan of his too.

Hopefully one of these days we'll own our own place and start a small garden of our own, meanwhile all I can do is spread the word:)