Saturday, November 15, 2008

An abundance

As the days get shorter and nights grow longer and colder, I start freaking out about how to keep my little ones warm and toasty.
With a new born it seems simpler, baby wear in the day time, and co-sleep at night time, no problem!
With my toddler, I feel less confident. Especially that I suffered all my life from cold feet. I have a blood circulation problem, so growing up in Egypt, (even though our winters are pretty mild) was tough on my feet. It's not common to have central heating in Egypt, the temperature in winter is pretty much in the fifties all the time, indoor and outdoor. Plus our windows aren't well sealed, so it gets quite drafty. I had to wear two pairs of socks over one another, cuddle under a blanket and blast our space heater on my feet.

As a result I have a foot fetish, anything that goes on the feet I love. From socks to you name it. So naturally when the girls grandparents ask to get something for the winter, I never hesitate to ask for house booties.

We have an abundance this winter, thank you guys:)

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