Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thirty eight weeks and counting

Me: I think I'm way passed my due date.
Midwife laughing: You are thirty eight weeks today, you are definitely not passed your due date.
Me: But I gave birth with my first one a little over thirty seven. I thought I was going to do the same thing this time.
Midwife still smiling: Did we tell you that.
Me: Nope, but I think I convinced myself, you even told me its not a rule.
Midwife smiling:....

So I am thirty eight weeks and counting. Maybe this will be a November baby after all.
November is a good month, so is October! ( am I making any sense!)

Here's what I'm doing in life at the moment:

Yesterday I went apple picking with my toddler, a friend and her toddler.

Today I made apple pie.

Tomorrow We'll have apple pie for breakfast. (inshaAllah)

And I'm still waiting.


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