Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bouncy Castle Yay!

I've been dragging myself to post about our cool Eid party, but finally decided I had to share.
We had a bouncy castle, a cookout, and fresh CSA red cabbage coleslaw. I also made a last minute mac and cheese for the kids, and we had one of those big nasty delicious chemical infested party cakes from Jewel Osco or something. I wanted to make a homemade dessert, but figured to spare my 8 months pregnant feet the trouble. I am guilt free, foot relieved and happy alhamdulilah.

Here's the bouncy castle 3 part story:

Part one
The delivery people came and set it up, Munchkin strolls in sees it gives me a confused look, then I tell her, Bouncy Castle Yay! so she gets the idea jumps and squeals from excitement all through the party, never failing to say " Bouncy Castle, YAY!"
Part Two
After the party was over we deflated it for the delivery people to pick it up in the morning. Munchkin wakes up in the morning saying Bouncy Castle Yay! Then she runs to where it was set and sees it's all deflated, gives me the same confused look she had when she first laid eyes on it. So I tell her " Bouncy Castle sleeping" so she says with a sad sad voice" Bouncy castle sleeping:("
Ready for the suspense of part three, good:)
This time "Baba" comes back from work, Munchkin greets him and has him take her out to see the sleeping bouncy castle( apparently it was picked up and there was no bouncy castle, when we were inside) so baba says "Bouncy Castle gone!" Munchkin cries with tears and says" Bouncy Castle gone!"

Moral of the story: C'est la vie:) "kol man alayha fan.."

Hope everyone had a great Eid party, or if you're not celebrating Eid I hope you had a wonderful day.


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