Monday, August 11, 2008

Sprout and the bean

The weather in Chicago these days is unseasonably pleasant, I am so thankful for this blessing especially with the extra load I'm carrying.

This post is about a childhood memory that I am currently trying to recreate in my kitchen.

My mom used to make us sprouted fava beans soup, which I really loved when I was a kid. For some reason my mom never made it for years. So naturally I totally forgot about it until about a couple of days ago. I got this (I'm going to call it a pregnancy craving just 'cause I can) for sprouted fava bean soup, just like my mom used to make us.

I checked my pantry and found that I had bought dried fava beans about a million years ago( which makes it in my dictionary of time about one year old)
So I figured, why not sprout some beans and get the recipe from mom.

So I caught mom online, had a nice chit chat, and brought the soup memory up, for my luck Umm Ahmad ( our old doorman's wife) and currently my friend was over and told me how to sprout some beans.
To make the story even longer and I'm totally blaming it on my placenta brain, I forgot how to sprout the beans, so I looked it up online because I am so cool and modern that way.
and here's what I came up with.

Its a song by Joanne Newsom called sprout and the bean, love it.

But really here's the recipe for how to sprout some beans:
Soak beans in water for a day.
after it has absorbed most of the water and doubled in size drain, rinse and cover for 3 days in a wet breathable cloth in a dark room.
Supposedly when you open it, the beans should have sprouted.
I'm still in day one of the cloth cover so I'll update you.

My next post should be the sprouted fava bean soup recipe.


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