Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A sprouted bean update

I checked early on the beans coz I couldn't wait, plus was super curious. The good news is YAY it worked! I have successfully sprouted some beans. The bad news( well for me, great news for my mom) is my mom left for Omra" the small pilgrimage" and I forgot to ask for the recipe.

So here's what I am going to do.

I am going to make the soup dish from my memory, I mean how hard can it be.

Here's what I'll do InshaAllah:

Boil beans in a little bit of water with salt, pepper,cumin and olive oil. Squeeze lemon juice when serving along with whole wheat pita bread.

Tom I'll let you know how it turned out.

Lets all make a group prayer. I waited a long time for this.

( Btw: did you know that fava beans are really good for menopause,They are the most estrogen-dense food known. When sprouted, they become far more so, 3-30 times more, they're great for hormone replacement).

Ok I am off now, will maybe update how the memory soup turned out when I come back from the east coast.
Oh yea we're off for a short family visit to meet a very special new person (My daughters newest cousin) and then off to Maine for a short vacation.

Have a great week every one.


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lauren said...

Well, it SOUNDS great. We used up all the fava beans we grew on a delicious potato salad, but we will definitely be growing some more this winter/next year, and I was hoping to dry some. Now I know what I'll make! :)

Have a good family visit. Wish we could have come too. :( See you soon though I hope.