Saturday, August 23, 2008


Greetings of peace everyone.
We are back from our short visit to the east coast. It was wonderful, and as expected our new niece is beyond adorable, she loves listening to music played by her dad on the piano, and is hugged by her parents in the sling all day long, what a great life:)

I really loved the east coast, it was lush and mysterious since you can't see much from all the giant trees, but every once in a while you pass a spot where you can peak more into whats beyond the trees. It's also very special being by the ocean. The water is freezing but rejuvenating, it makes you feel truly alive. My little girl was shivering with excitement when we went swimming, as soon as her tiny body would hit the cold water she'd scream with laughter and say cold, pointing out the obvious, I would then agree and scream with her as we plunge deeper into the water.

We also went for a short hike like walk and picked wild blueberries and ate them off the shrubs, all in all it was very special and peaceful. Allah is truly the most beautiful.

On a different note, here's the promised bean memory soup. I checked with mom, and she said it was exactly how I made it, good memory taste buds:)

boil the desired amount of sprouted beans in water with salt, pepper, cumin, olive oil, and 1 table spoon lemon juice.
Serve hot with pita bread and enjoy.

Have a great end of summer everyone.


This was written as soon as I came back from Maine but I only had time to post it now.

I just wanted to add to this and wish everyone a blessed month of Ramadan, May Allah accept our fasting and prayers.


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