Sunday, March 6, 2011


I love washing kale, so beautiful.

We have been keeping ourselves busy here, driving through town, getting lost (thanks a lot GPS!) and feeling overwhelmed by the feeling of universal brotherhood everywhere. We are currently staying with my in-laws and they are a street away from the famous Capitol square in Madison/WI.
I will probably share some photos for the awesome crowds there. You see I am an Egyptian married to a Madisonian, my children are seasoned protestors by blood.
 Mei never fails to ask for our banner once we hit the square. She and her sister both rock political pins on their winter coats, as requested by both of them.
We went to an international festival and on the way there, the numbers, and the sight of the people standing up for their basic rights reminded me of Tahrir square, tears of joy rolled down my cheeks as I quietly pushed the girls in their stroller to where the festival was held.

On with the links already, right?

I just finished watching the first season of this show and I am completely smitten. Also, shocked at how all this stuff was considered normal in living memory.

I started reading in Arabic again. I am a slow Arabic reader (shame!) but loving it.

Warning, there's no coming back once you click this link. Plain awesome.

On my to do list.

Love, love, love her!

I am trying to get this for Mei (I had one when I was little) but there's something wrong with my paypal. Grrrrrrr!

His voice! He re-sang all of Sayed Darwish's old songs. Bliss.

Thanks for checking. Feel free to share something you love this week.


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UmmSqueakster said...

Hey I totally meant to comment on this post, but got sidetracked and forgot. We're the same, but opposite. Which of course makes no sense except to my muddled brain :)

By same I mean we're both hippies

And by opposite, I mean I'm a Madisonian married to an Egyptian :)

Ok ok not technically a real Madisonian by birth, but my mom's family is from there and I'm a UW alum.

I'm watching the protests from afar (aka Minnesota) and desperately wishing I could go. Thanks for bringing some egyptian flavor to it!