Sunday, March 20, 2011


Mommy when we go to heaven can we go to Evanston then?

Well I guess, if you want to go to Evanston in heaven you certainly could.

This mini dialogue was one of many dialogues we had about Evanston when we were in Egypt. Mei missed the only place she knew to be home (her Evanston home) so much, she wanted heaven to have an *Evanston there. 
A very smart Uncle dubbed it Heavenston... 

We are currently there, staying with a very good friend and who also happens to be the mother of Mei's best friend.

Today's blog entry is dedicated to her. My hero, she's down with the flu, is behind on correcting a bunch of her students exams and she's been hosting us for the past three nights. And, and she invited all my friends, and made delicious savory pancakes for them. She's awesome! Really really awesome. Thank you,  good friend.


Today's captures are brought to you by the amazing Jen. (Our old neighbor and good friend) she has a fantastic eye, and she also tried to show me a few trade tricks. Yes, she's a photographer.


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