Thursday, April 10, 2008

No Impact Man's What am I?

I've been putting off posting an entry for a while. I've been quite exhausted recently, why? Well my daughter is teething, and not any kind of teething, its the heavy stuff, she's getting all her molars in at once. So she's pretty much, clingy, naggy, weepy, sleepless, and above all nursing all the time, which results, in me being all the above except I am the one nursing and add exhausted to the above list, phew.
I figured this could go on from a week to a couple of months, so I decided to make a simple entry every once in a while, in the bad periods, and go back to my normal posts once this situation passes.

So here's my simple post, actually its not really my post, it's a No Impact Man post, a first of a series that he's posting titled LV GRN.
I am particularly sharing this post with you coz of two reason:
First, my hubby suggested it( Gotta please the hubby).
Second, This particular post is very spiritual and it sums up why religions tend to go hand in hand with sustainable living, looking at the big picture. Mind you this is written by a secular person which makes it even more interesting.

So here it is: LV GRN: What am I?
I hope you like it. Let me know what you think?

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