Saturday, March 8, 2008

A little thank you goes a long way

Today is international women's day, so in honor of this day I am dedicating this post to all you women out there, specially to all the women in my life. I love you girls. Hey men is there a day for you too?

I was thinking about something today. I was thinking about appreciation.
We tend to appreciate and thank people we never shared a roof with for more than a couple of days (maybe). But when it comes to our immediate family or our spouses, the appreciation goes down a notch, well maybe a couple of notches!( I am not saying everyone does that) but its definitely a human thing. We tend to forget the person closest to us the most. It's easy to be nice and make a good impression on someone we see a couple of hours a day, but when it comes to people we live with well it can be an annoyance.
How about we thank our spouse when he takes the trash out even when he forgets to take it out and the house stinks of trash for a couple of days. Maybe if we thank "the spouse" often enough he'll make an effort to remember to take it out next time as soon as he's asked. How about we thank our mother for preparing that not so tasty meal even though we didn't like it, even though it was emptied from a can, she still made an effort.
How about we thank our wife for keeping the house nice and clean, keeping a hot meal on the table, even if it was a couple of hours late.
And how about we thank our father for being over protective coz he cares, for giving you a hard time about your grades, he's loving you in his own way.
A little thank you goes along way, Lets say thank you whenever we can, it's always nice to hear, even if there's no need for it at all.
Thank you guys for listening.

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