Friday, July 1, 2011

I am...

...folding laundry. (right now and enjoying the meditative rhythm it entails)
...counting the hours for our family's big reunion with our rock. 20 hours 42 minutes and counting...
...missing my babies when they're at school but enjoying alone time., baking and cleaning.
...waiting for my photography class this July.
...listening to Personalized music radio, and is grateful for this strange technology.
...shocked at disturbing scenes shown on Mad Men and derived from American recent history.
...grateful how we've come a long way. I am rooting for Egypt at the moment.
...reminded that sometimes I am "the other" and working hard at my own prejudices.

Ninety two degree and muggy today. I am already filling the kiddie pool for when my darlings are here.

"Mom, you know, America has a birthday!"
"And when is that?"
"On the fourth of July mama"
"Right!" ( stoopid foreigner {thinking to my self})

Here's our moment from the week:

Happy fourth weekend everyone.



Anna said...

So happy you're back here! I wish you all a great reunion! And that picture-- wow. You're the mama of a big, grown-up girl! Amazing.

Muslim Hippie said...

I know, I keep looking at her in amazement and wonder where o where did my little chubby baby go?

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

Welcome back, if you really back LoL.